SPH furry foals growing up

Saffron Performance Horses furry foals are growing up

Winter is here and with the colder weather brings furry foals!

On the 26th of June Saffron Stables had a visit from a representative of the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia to assess the youngest of the foals SPH Amore. Hair samples were taken for DNA testing as well as his markings being recorded. His dam Donner Carina watched on carefully and once the inspection was completed both mare and foal enjoyed a good run in the midday Winter sunshine.

Saffron Stables is currently home to three foals: SPH Amore, SPH Furst Romance and SPH Bellisa. Soon they will join other foals in a large paddock in the picturesque Colo Heights where they can grow up and graze to their hearts content. It will feel very different driving up the driveway without seeing foal head peaking over the fence.

SPH Amore       SPH Amore and Donner Carina
Photos by Allira Fontana Photography