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Rotspon – State Stud Celle – Germany


Here is another very exciting young stallion by the world famous sire Rubinstein 1.
At his performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1998 Rotspon came first in the overall placing and first in dressage.
He has a character and temperament score of 9. A conformation score of 8, a jumping ability score of 8 and readability scores of 9 and 10.
He has an outstanding walk score of 8, (the average is 6.3) his trot is also very high with 8.33 (again the average is of 6.38).
His canter score of 9 puts him again well above the average.
Apart from his famous sire, Rubinstein 1, Rotspon also has a great pedigree on his dam side: Argentan by Absatz and Paragona by Pik Bube.
The expectation of this young stallion is very high. He has spectacular movement, a beautiful temperament and outstanding ability.
Rotspon passes his abilities onto his offsping in a big way and he now belongs to the top ranks fo stallions standing at Celle.
His breeding value scores tell the story! Numerous foals have already enriched the Verden foal auctions.

His foals have beautiful heads and good conformation (long sloping shoulder, long well set up necks). they are equipped with a very elastic trot and a ground covering walk.
He has 13 licensed sons, 65 state premium mares, and 99 auction horses.

HLP 1995: 139, 60/1/41; DI 148,82/1; SI 118,74/7

Breeding Value scores: Dressage (155) Jump (102) Riding type (127) Conformation (129) Dressage (149) Jump (76)

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