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In 1997 Londonderry was the winner of the stallion licensing. In 1998 he came fifth in the stallion performance test achieving 134.56 points for dressage. He developed in a very positive way during daily training, and is more and more eager to work. He has an immaculate appearance, well-shaped muscles and a big-framed constitution. He is an excellent type with a lovely expression. Londonderry has an outstanding walk, with a score of 10 at his performance test in 1998. He scored 9 for character and 8 for temperament which are all well above average. The conformation score was also 8 and rideability scores were 8 and 9. This indicates that Londonderry is a horse with particular ability for dressage. He would be a good stallion to refine some of the heavier Warmblood mares. In 1999 this captivating stallion convincingly won the riding horse performance test during the German Riding Championships in Verden and then the highest results at the Federal Championship of German Riding Horses in Warendorf as well. Two years later in 2001 he repeated his success when he became Vice-Champion of the 6 year old dressage horses in Warendorf.

Londonderry’s first foals were born in 2000 and have exceeded the highest of expectations as regards type and charisma as well as quality of movement. They are in all ways similar to Londonderry: wonderful in type, long-legged, beautiful heads and very good movement. Londonderry’s breeding scores are very high in dressage and riding type and conformation. His first batch of foals gained admittance to the 2002 Verden approval and were promptly approved. He has 33 licensed sons, 174 state premium mares, 506 main stud book mares and 190 auction horses.

Breeding Values:Dressage (137) Jumping (71)
Riding type (152) Conformation (128) Dressage (131) Jumping (74)

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