Breeding Program

Breeding Program

Saffron Stables breeding program is built on imported German stock from Performance Sales International (PSI), Germany and APH mares. Our performance breeding focuses on trainable, quiet and well mannered horses while our young stock grow up in a domesticated environment and are handled daily from birth.

2015 Breeding Update

Donner Carina, Donner Meyer, PSI Oktavia Donner Carinaand Weekend Feeling are all in foal to stallions including Bellisimo M, Don de Sandro, San Amour, Fürst Romancier and Bordeaux.

Lady Sinclair is also in foal to Bordeaux and is due in April.

Due to the fact that they have given so many embryos, it was time for the Saffron girls to enjoy having their own foals rather than go through yet more gruelling embryo procedures! They are most certainly enjoying the cruisy life of a pregnant very spoilt mare!

Our most famous horse bred at Saffron Stables is SPH Dante, who’s dam is Donner Carina. More information about Donner Carina is listed below.

The Donner Carina siblings all share the same dam – Hauptstutbuch Agioritiko (by Donnerschwee o.o. St. Pr. St. Hauptstutbuch A little Lady)

  • Donner Carina (Imp) – Dormello / Donnerschwee
  • Donner Meyer (Imp) – Welt Hit VI / Donnerschwee
  • Lady Donner Sinclair (Ger) – Lord Sinclair / Donnerschwee

The Donner Carina family + daughters

  • SPH Sabina – Sandro Hit / Dormello / Donner Carina (Imp)
  • SPH Bliss – Bellisimo M / Welt Hit VI / Donner Meyer (Imp)
  • SPH Bellisima – Bellisimo M / Welt Hit VI / Donner Meyer (Imp)

The Weekend Feeling family

  • Weekend Feeling (Imp) – Welt Hit II / Cagliostro XX / Optimistin XX
  • Breitley (Ger) – Breitling W / Cagliostro XX / Optimistin XX

The Oktavia family

  • PSI Oktavia (Imp) – Clintino / Landadel / Okarella
  • SPH Sonata Hit – Sandro Hit / Clintino / PSI Oktavia (Imp)
  • SPH Renaissance – Royal Hit / Royal Dance (Rohdiamant) / Ramino / PSI Oktavia (Imp)
  • SPH Fürst Romance – Fürst Romancier / Clintino / PSI Oktavia (Imp)
  • SPH Bellisa – Bellisimo M / Clintino / PSI Oktavia (Imp)
  • SPH Renoir – Royal Hit / Royal Dance (Rohdiamant) / Ramino / PSI Oktavia (Imp)

The APH family

  • APH Feuerfest – APH Heidleberg (Imp) / APH Feurica (Imp)
  • APH Feuer – APH Lübeck (Imp) / APH Feuerfest